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“Among the artisans who carried us out from the Dark Ages, among the blacksmiths, the tailors, and the cobblers, there were the upholsterers…”

Faced with the dilemma of putting that sofa to the curb or replacing that outdated or stained fabric? How about replacing the fabric with an eco-friendly durable fabric that matches your rug? If you have a have a real issue giving up an item, then consider having it reupholstered. Perhaps you dream of having a fancy new modern couch in the color of your choice but feel guilty when faced with the fact that you’d have to throw yours out?

Reupholstering is the best option if the structure is good, and at Furniture Lab, we can make a better quality couch than what you could purchase these days. You can have the foam redone, as well as the lining and the fabric, and since we use better quality materials the couch ends up lasting longer too.

At Furniture lab we can remove the old fabric from the couch, make sure all of the padding, springs and frames are still in good shape, and if not, replace the padding where it is needed with synthetic padding and tighten the springs.

After you’ve selected a new fabric, we will measure all sides of the couch cut the fabric in accordance with dimensions obtained and cut the fabric for the cushions as well.
If you like the shape or style of your furniture but not the fabric, re-upholstery is a good choice for you, and whether you have a passion for mid-century modern things, like Noel or Herman Miller, if it’s original and you reupholster it, it maintains the same value.

Furniture is meant to be a place to relax, like curling up with a cup of coffee and a magazine, watching a family movie while enjoying ice cream, and cuddling with your pets. At Furniture Lab we can help you meaning that beautiful clean sofa so that you don’t have to be embarrassed about its condition when company comes over.

If your furniture needs to be cleaned, we can do too. Upholstered items like dining room chairs, sofas, loveseats and armchairs are built to be durable and they will last for decades if they are well cared and cleaned properly.

Our technicians are experts at cleaning difficult fabrics and they can eliminate unsightly stains and unpleasant odors. We customize the cleaning process with methods that are suited for your furniture’s unique fabric. Whether your sofa is soft, suede, microfiber, classic wool, natural or synthetic, as highly skilled and experienced experts in identifying fabric and we will create a targeted cleaning plan to clean away stains, eliminate odors and leave your furniture fresh and clean.

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