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We’ve seen many people get creative with things that were once junk, turned into a beautiful centerpiece for their home. We’re talking about old beat up tables, chairs, couches, and much more. But for this topic, we thought it was appropriate to hail the good old crates. Yes, crates! You know those little wooden boxes that seem invaluable? Yes, those. Furniture repair isn’t the only thing that we take fond of this day. We like the idea of up-cycling. So here are just ways that you can up-cycle those crates:

Side Table I

You might be wondering why on Earth would we do such a thing. Well, it’s simple, because they are the perfect width for side tables. They are also very shabby chic when painted. You’ll need a few things like a drill, hairpin legs, screws, and paint to finish do this project! Once you have the final project, we think that it would be worth it. Have them facing upright or drill the holes on the sides to show off the inside with decors!

Side Table II

Another way to use them as a side table is by stacking two together. If you’re not fond of drilling holes and buying other items you’re not sure how to use, simply stack the two crates together and you still have yourself a side table. Just make sure you know how to fasten the two together by using screws.


This is the part where you stack a whole bunch of them together again. Except instead of using just two, you’ll need about eight crates to finish the look. Try painting them first to match the interior of your home. Once they are dry, stack them however way you want and drill them together.

So there you have it! Up-cycling items that you think belong in the junkyard saves money. When done correctly, they can complement the whole room! Furniture repair stores like us understand the meaning of up-cycling because we believe that nothing should be wasted!

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