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Furniture made out of wood is able to last a lifetime when they are properly maintained. Using the right cleaning products and being gentle with them will help preserve their value. However, did you know that some store bought products are actually not helpful to your furniture? Sometimes, it can go to the extreme that you’ll be in need of a furniture repair Las Vegas. Don’t let this type of nightmare happen to you. So, we’ve come up with some solutions to fix that for you.

Vinegar and Water

When you mix a cup of lukewarm water along with 3 tablespoon of vinegar, you have a formula for a cleaning solution. Use cotton to in the solution and remove the excess moisture out by squeezing it. Rub the solution of cotton to the area you need cleaning.

Olive Oil and Lemon Oil

Furniture polish makes your furniture looking immaculately shiny. It also protects the wood from any loss of moisture that can ultimately cause a crack. So mixing a ½ cup of olive oil along with 3 drops of lemon oil (for scent) will help preserve your wooden furniture. Simple apply this mixture sparingly on the wood with a delicate cloth.

Beeswax and Coconut Oil

This is for cases when your furniture looks old and worn down. With ¼ of beeswax and 1 cup of coconut oil, you can restore it anew. Use fragments of beeswax in a bowl that is microwavable. Add the oil when the wax is melted. Stir them together until they are smooth. Let this mixture cool off. Dab bits of the salve on the wood and then wipe away the excess. If the wood is dry, leave the mixture on  for a couple of hours. You may keep the rest of the salve in a container and store it away from light and heat.


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