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Gifts for the Interior Designers at Heart

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We all have that loved one who is an avid fan of the interior design. Their home is well-kept with all the modern decors, furniture, and household appliances to fit their lifestyle. It’s easy to shop for people like them because you can easily match their style to a certain category. For this entry, we’re […]

Making Money Selling Antiques – Furniture Repair Las Vegas

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Antiques are not regularly the conventional way of making a living, but they can potentially generate big returns when you know exactly what you’re doing. There are pros and cons to making money by buying and selling antiques. According to financial adviser, Patrick Connolly, “Antiques investments are unregulated, which means investors cannot fall back on […]

Why Invest in Antiques – Furniture Repair Las Vegas

Purchasing an antique furniture can be very thrilling as you’re carrying a piece of history with you. The idea of owning an antique is riveting when you wonder what these items have been through. However there are a downside to owning an antique and that is whether it is a good investment or not.  One […]

Is Our Furniture Worth Refinishing?

Our furniture is one of the things that defines our tastes. From the selection of colors and style, it could ultimately provide your guests the idea of your personality. If your room happens to have white furniture with shabby chic designs of dressers, table ends and decor, then it’s safe to say that you like […]

Ready to Have that Vintage Piece of Furniture Reupholstered?

So you just can’t seem to part with that vintage piece you’ve had stored in your attic for years. You admire its shape and still see its potential to be reupholstered. Perhaps you’ve stumbled on a sensational find at an antique shoe and dream of unlocking its potential with some quality tailoring. Many fabulous finds […]

Upholstery That Can Withstand the Test of Time… Almost

Some of us can still recall the primitive furniture featured on “The Flintstones”. The massive and monolithic, massive chairs composed of heavy boulders and soft volcanic rock could easily withstand a spill or two and despite that primitive style of mankind’s cave-dwelling days, it appeared to be rather lightweight. Of course, that was a cartoon. […]

To Reupholster or Not… That is the question

“Among the artisans who carried us out from the Dark Ages, among the blacksmiths, the tailors, and the cobblers, there were the upholsterers…” Faced with the dilemma of putting that sofa to the curb or replacing that outdated or stained fabric? How about replacing the fabric with an eco-friendly durable fabric that matches your rug? […]

Creative Ways to Upcycle Crates

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We’ve seen many people get creative with things that were once junk, turned into a beautiful centerpiece for their home. We’re talking about old beat up tables, chairs, couches, and much more. But for this topic, we thought it was appropriate to hail the good old crates. Yes, crates! You know those little wooden boxes […]

DIY Furniture Polish – Furniture Repair Las Vegas

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  Furniture made out of wood is able to last a lifetime when they are properly maintained. Using the right cleaning products and being gentle with them will help preserve their value. However, did you know that some store bought products are actually not helpful to your furniture? Sometimes, it can go to the extreme […]

How to Buy Used Furniture

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Buying furniture can be so fun when you know exactly what it is that you’re looking for. Even if you don’t have an idea of what to get, simply browsing around, and getting ideas on the spot is always fun to do. But buying furniture can be so expensive that you don’t exactly know where […]

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